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Saturday, September 4, 2010


welcome readers & writers! it's spoof saturday on write away every day :) time for some light-hearted fun.  click here, here, and here if you'd like to read some past spoof saturday silliness.  
before we get to spoof saturday, though, let me welcome our new followers (welcome) and thank yesterday's writers - krowles1981, Chuck Galle, and Theresa Milstein - (thank you) for your awesome stories, inspired by Laurie Millar's photo. it was great to write with you!
this festive building here in austin caught my eye partly because it's so colorful and fun, but also because i'm flirting with the notion of a tattoo for my next birthday (turning a tattoo worthy age). let's imagine that sideshow tattoo has some stellar artists on staff but wants to hire a writer as well, one who will pen words as innovative and colorful as the images they put on folks. let's say you writers are auditioning for the job with two or three of your best tattoo words or phrases. feel free to describe the art part of the tattoo as well if that helps, or you can leave the art to the artists. here's my stab at it:
1.  old, but not past the expiration date (i imagine these words inked in small circle with my birthday numbers inside. it would look like a grocery store stamp)
2.  oh bother (an homage to pooh bear, of course)  
3.  bluebonnet bliss (with a bouquet of flowers for the next miss texas - it might have to go on her bummy, though, b/c i'm pretty sure they're not allowed tattoos) 
send in your tattoo writer audition piece by clicking on comments below 250(ish) words or less. enjoy!


  1. 1.) For the quasi mathematical - four pi symbols arranged tightly in two rows, two columns. Underneath is written "Pie are squared!"

    2.) A small hand holding a tattoo needle applying an exclamation point at the end of the sentence: Do it Yourself

    3.) A galaxy covering a large portion of the back with the words "We are here." in a frame with an arrow pointing within the galaxy somewhere.

    4.) For one rump cheek - a recognizable moon, with craters and a slightly dark portion and the words "You are being" written along the top and the word "Mooned" written along the bottom (of moon.)

    5.) (I actually knew a guy had this:) dashed line along the collar of the neck with the words "Cut along dotted line" written underneath.

  2. 1. On the bottom of your right foot #18, and on your left foot #21, this way you are always over 18 and 21.

    2. An analog clock on your right side- "Time is on your side"

    3. Red dot in the middle of your chest- like the one made by Patricia Arquette in Pulp Fiction incase you ever need a Adrenaline shot

  3. 1--It's time to think of turning back (homage to Edward Gorey, a drawing would be nice)

    2--Huh? (somewhere visible since I often want to say this to people)

    3--She couldn't have dressed up as Xena? (homage to Buffy)

  4. 1. This space available
    2. "picture of Cow leaping" - lower back, over your backside
    3. "some musical bars", so you can alway say you are a noted... author, singer, teacher...