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Saturday, September 18, 2010


welcome, readers & writers - it's spoof saturday!  here on write away every day we try to have a little extra fun and laugh a bit on saturdays.

today's spoof saturday topic:  politically correct kids stories. there are published volumes of stories like this - lots of fun. let's give it a try ourselves! pick your favorite kids story or fairytale and politically correct and/or modernize the language. you might find this website (politically correct terms) helpful. have fun...  

here's mine:

Snow Caucasian was a lovely young chronologically challenged sovereign who lived in a very large house along with her ugly aesthetically challenged stepsisters blended family members.  Snow Caucasian's father was dead metabollically challenged, having left her only the cold comfort of her evil socially maligned stepmother blended family female parent.

In her youth, the socially maligned queen female sovereign had been lovely.  Now she required weekly injections of Botox and multiple plastic surgeries to stave off the wrinkles.  She abhorred wrinkles. The female sovereign tended to function in a stable manner as long as her magic mirror reflective, shatterproof, acrylic panel said she was the fairest female person in the land county.  But when the reflective shatterproof acrylic panel named another, the female sovereign flew into a rage an imbalanced state of negative emotion and sent her guards to usher the lovely maiden unmarried young woman to the next county.  Either that or lob off her head perform euthanasia on her.  

Over the years Snow Caucasian evolved from being a pretty little girl to a smokin' hot aesthetically pleasing female person.  One day the magic reflective shatterproof glass named Snow Caucasian as the fairest in the county.  The female sovereign sent her guard to do away with Snow Caucasian, but Snow Caucasian was so smokin' hot aesthetically pleasing that the guard couldn't hurt her.  He took her to the county line where she found a room for rent in a cottage California ranch style home with seven dwarves vertically challenged male people.  She cooked and cleaned for them. She accepted a position as their domestic engineer.  

When the female sovereign found out that Snow Caucasian was still alive she flew into a rage lost control of her emotions (again), and, disguised as a toothless dentally impaired old woman senior citizen, fed a poison apple toxic Acai berries to Snow Caucasian.  The berries put Snow Caucasian into a deep sleep profound state of unconsciousness until a male sovereign from the neighboring county found her, kissed her, helped her kick her stepmother's hiney overcome her blended family issues.  Now Snow Caucasian is the female sovereign of her county and the shatterproof reflective acrylic panel has been destroyed donated to charity.  Snow Caucasian plans to age embrace the passing years gracefully and to love the skin she's in.

come write with me!  can't wait to see what you come up with - just click on comments below to share it.

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