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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


welcome readers & writers! 
here's my spin on today's photo prompt:

today i celebrate you
your presence on this planet
your place in my life
how we are rooted together so profoundly, so completely now 
that we are finally "one" as we vowed we would be 
on that lovely december night
and still i love how we're growing to appreciate each other 
as different people, very different actually 
but unique and wonderful
flawed in our own ways, yet worthy of love and respect
i celebrate your sense of humor and the laugh that goes with it
i celebrate your steadiness, your loyalty, your patience
i celebrate your intelligence
and the way you share the gift of your thoughts and ideas with the world
i celebrate the kind, patient, invested father you are to our kids
what a joy it is to celebrate you, to give thanks for
your presence on this planet
your place in my life

come write with me! story, poem or creative non-fiction - 250(ish) words or less, just click on comments below to share it with your biggest fan, that's me!


  1. Celebrity
    Today my little man you are a celebrity
    I am in THE CITY and I am thinking about YOU
    I can't imagine what it feels like to be your mom
    You've been growing inside her for all these months.
    You've been sleeping and eating and morphing and hiccuping
    She's told me about fruit size, she's told me about your organized growth
    I've been waiting to meet you
    I've tried not to touch her belly and feel you
    I've slipped a few times
    I can't wait to meet you little one.
    I can't wait to know your birthday

    I find it funny that you are a 9 month late christmas present
    I pray that you are a beautiful healthy bouncing baby
    I pray that your mom and you are great together
    a perfect cople
    I pray that she is happier with you to love her
    And that she will learn what love is through you

    I've been thinking about Mary the mother of God alot
    I don't think you are going to have that kind of cache
    But know that we will love you anyway

    Come on small fry
    Come and play
    be a celebrity

  2. (I didn’t write this today, but I did write it on the inside of my boyfriend’s birthday card this year, so it counts, right?)
    Happy birthday!

    Birthdays are the days when we get to thank you for existing. And today, as always, I’m so glad you’re you. I may not say it enough, but I think it every day.

    Today is your day. Today is the day that we, the rest of the world, your adoring fans, get to tell you how much you add to our lives. And today is a celebration for all that you’ve done, all that you’ve been. More importantly, it’s a celebration of your future: of the places you’ll visit, the things you’ll accomplish, and the lives you’ll touch.

    Today is the one day a year dedicated exclusively to you, and all the things you love. So sleep in, skip the gym, eat that extra piece of cake—do what makes you happy!

    It’s the one day a year when the world does revolve around you—and it’s a privilege for us to be in your presence. Today is your day. So put your birthday crown on, and wear it proudly!

  3. I was alone in Wales when the shot rang out. Crap this was going to be an awful birthday. I threw myself behind the cold stone wall of the pub and crawled to the alleyway. It was so quiet... my skin crawled. Every step was a crunch or crack saying, "Here I am." And then laughter from inside... and then they all started singing Happy Birthday. No one had heard the shouting or the gunshot. No one knew I was out here. No one was singing for me.

    So I left, came home and got hugs and kisses from my warm awesome somewhat fevered family. And I promised my wife I would give up the spy business right then and there and dedicate my life to helping people.

    Well... maybe one more mission. Who would ever know?