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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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also, if you have friends who like to read or write, share write away every day with them. muuuuuchos gracias. thank you alison and lola sharp for your posts yesterday! and thanks also to ash for a new post on baked :) now on to today's photo: perhaps it inspires a poem, story or creative non-fiction response in you. if so, just share it by clicking on comments below. 250(ish) words or less. here's my spin on it --
Jack stepped back and surveyed his work. It had been a long time coming, the completion of such a complicated project. The sweat, the overtime, the stale sandwiches and warm drinks. All of it had been worth it. Four solid layers of highway stacked, one atop the other. He smiled. "Awesome," he breathed. "Jack," his mom called, "dinner!" "Okay, mom," he yelled back. Before he left his room, he hollered "Rahhhh!" and knocked it all down. Every single block. "Jackzilla strikes again!" He banged his chest. He'd build more tomorrow. Maybe the super duper quadruple highway stack, or maybe something better.

250(ish) words or less. come write with me! 


  1. Going. Coming.

    No beginning and no ending,
    yet we go. We come. Again.

    Somewhere we stop. And when we do.
    If we are lucky. We go again.

  2. I had driven through the construction fifteen or twenty times over the past eight or ten months, always noting how the intersecting lanes above and to the left at this point were eye bait. The trucks and jumbos and earth movers and front loaders and helmeted workers and engineers scattered and scuttling about down to my left were eye catching as well, but both views suffered the focus demanded by the urgent traffic squeezed from four into two lanes with no shoulder to the right and New Jersey barriers to the left of the left lane. I had promised myself a hundred times every time I came through to capture some of this but there was just no way to do it.
    Funny how the obvious is so veiled in the schemes of immediacy. It was only when I caught the gig in the city that demanded I be on set at six o damned clock in the morning that I realized how simple the solution was. As I sat in the little corner deli, working my crossword puzzle and downing mouthfuls of scrambled eggs, toast, sausage links and strong black coffee, I recalled how completely quiet it had been when I simply turned on my emergency signals, grabbed my 35mm SLR, left the car in the middle of the lane, crossed the other lane, straddled over the New Jersey barrier, crossed the other two lanes and leaning against the far barrier filled the memory card with memorable views. No one came through as I sauntered back to my car. A nice day's work.

  3. "Oh, the places you'll go!" a well known Dr. once said

    about the possiblilities, the opportunities waiting for me up ahead

    but looking at the roads, the paths on eachother stacked

    gives me anxiety, feeling all bush-wacked.

  4. “What Did I Just See?”

    I sat in the back of the squad car, door open, with a large black coffee cupped between my shaking hands. After Perry saw the state I was in he went across the street and got it for me. He’s a good kid, only on the force for two years. Me, I’ve been here for 22. Man, I wish it was Perry who saw what I just saw; it would go a lot better in the report. It was then that the chief pulled up so I stepped out of the car to face him. Every bit of his hulking mass stopped right in front of me and he said,” I got the report, Malone, and just don’t get it. You chase this guy for 16 blocks and he crashes his car here and then jumps.” The chief waves his tree trunk arms around and asks, “Where’s the body?” I looked up at him and threw my coffee cup at his car which exploded and coated the side of it with steaming liquid. “Nobody’s listening to me chief!” I yelled and poked a finger in his face, “Not even you! The guy didn’t jump down, he jumped UP”