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Monday, September 27, 2010


welcome readers & writers. thank you so much for stopping in. it's monday on write away every day, and most other places in the western hemisphere too. a new day! a new week!  lettuce, er let us open ourselves to the unexpected blessings this week has in store.
writers, what's your story, poem or creative non-fiction take on today's photo prompt?  i can't wait to read it. send it in by clicking on comments below. 250(ish) words or less - though we're flexible with word count around here.

here's my spin:

Arthur returned the menu to the trembling hands of his waiter, who said, "May I say, sir, that your choice of wine is a perfect complement to the meal." "Yes, yes." Arthur waved the menu, the compliment and the waiter away with an age-spotted hand. As the meanest critic in New York, he was used to this kind of simpering. He scratched a few notes in his moleskin notebook regarding this restaurant's lack of originality. Though the chef had taken special care creating a stellar new menu, though the owner had invested a full month's profits into all new linens, which were gorgeous, by the way, Arthur could only see letters on a page and fabric covered tables. He'd been in the critique business so long now he was almost incapable of enjoying a meal. And he certainly never started anymore by writing about what he liked. In fact, it had come to pass that Arthur would only order the most expensive, most unique dish on the menu. Even then there was little hope for a positive review. So chefs expecting a visit from Arthur had begun "thinking outside the box" on the off-off chance that Arthur might toss a kind word their direction. Tonight was no exception. 
It was plated beautifully and sent out at lightning speed (a fact he'd failed to notice, of course). It was set down a bit wonkily by his waiter's wobbly hands (this he did notice, of course). Arthur took a sip of water to cleanse his palate from the sub-par salad course he'd choked down and took a bite of the steaming dish. The whole staff watched from a distance. The waiter, leaning in from a neighboring table, heard Arthur say, "Mmmmm-mmmmm." The customer watching along with the waiter said, "I'll have what he's having." "Are you certain?" asked the waiter. "If it's that good, then yes." "Very well, then," said the waiter, "One grilled shark's tongue smothered in radish puree. Coming right up." "Um," said the customer. "Make that meatloaf. I'll have the meatloaf."           
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  1. *CLAP CLAP CLAP* Brava!!! And, LOL!!! *wink* Meatloaf, INDEED.