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Friday, September 24, 2010


readers & writers, it's photog friday! but first let me pause to thank c johnson, brian potopowitz, and ash for your great responses to yesterday's photo.
i'm so excited to share today's photog friday writing prompt with you because it is the work of my childhood friend jeff gray, who is now a gifted photographer and artist. jeff and his equally talented wife jewels own Gray Photography in denver, colorado. thank you, jeff, for your gorgeous photo!
ya'll, see more of jeff and jewels' amazing work by clicking here. here's my spin on the photo:
Kate lets go of Sam's hand and runs down the path to the beach. He watches as she stretches out her arms to the sky in a yoga pose - some kind of sun worship dealie - he can't remember what it's called. She spots something in the distance and calls out to him, throwing a huge grin over he shoulder and admonishing him to hurry up already. He used to love her exuberance, her childlike ability to play and to enjoy every moment of the day. Six years later, though, he hates admitting to himself that it's wearing kind of thin. Lately it feels like they're stuck together on some kind of relationship teeter totter. The happier Kate gets, the lower Sam sinks into despair. Like today, he can't see what's so lovely about the beach. It's gray and cloudy and the sky is going to flipping rain all over their plans for the afternoon.  But there she is acting like a preschooler itching for her teacher's approval. Otherwise why would she be doing sun poses and pointing at what is probably a run of the mill seagull or a dime a dozen parasailer? "Okay, already," he grumbles as his feet crunch to the place where rocky path meets sand.  Yes, I see you.  Aren't you the adorably cute one, he wants to yell at her. Maybe loud enough to blow that bright smile off her face.  Then, in the next breath he remembers that he loves her. He loves her.  So, coming up beside her, he forces his voice to a brittle, "I'm here, already. What's the big deal?"  She squeals and claps her hands, pointing at the sky again. He follows her gaze, gasping when he sees it. He takes her hand and squeezes it. "Never, in a million years..." he whispers.       
writers, i can't wait to read your stories, poems or creative non-fiction responses to jeff's photo. share them by clicking on comments below. come write with me!


  1. The Rain is Gone

    I venture outside because the rain is gone. I walk for a time and find myself where the land meets the sea. A place of endless avenues twisting behind me and an endless new horizon in front, flat and smooth with nothing in the way. The palms trees are swaying in the breeze and I put my hands into my pockets and shiver as the wind is still a bit cold from the storm but I am glad because I can finally feel it again. The surf crashes on the beach and I can sense the low vibration of each pounding wave like a heartbeat. The spray is blown up into my face and the smell is refreshing. I lick my lips and feel the salt on my tongue and all that has been asleep for so long is awakened by the taste. The clouds are gray and they writhe in the sky but I know that soon they will not be able to hold themselves together and will begin to break apart and the blue of the sky will shine through and the warmth of the sun’s rays will pierce my body. The warmth will return, I can already feel it coming over me. My hands slip from my pockets and I close my eyes and slide my fingertips across the moisture on my cheeks and thrust them into the air and breathe deeply as my mouth finds a smile and uses it for the first time in a long time. The sand is starting to dry, the wind is lessening, the sky is becoming warm. Flowers will bloom after the storm has passed. I am beginning to feel myself again and I will open my face to the world now that the rain is gone.

  2. Alone again. This was not the way to end a day. I suppose it was better than being shot or stabbed or run through with a pair of scissors, but this wasn't how I had planned things.

    The mission ran smooth. Mostly. Since Wales I had sworn this would be my last time. My last run through the shadows. My wife had gathered the kids to wave me off as I left for the airport. Their cute faces pressed to the window, no idea I was off to bad places to do bad things. So sweet and wonderful. My wife had that look. Because she knows what I do. It is enough and too much... and not enough at all sometimes.

    And now here I stand. I have about four hours to reach the point beyond the far dunes and up the hill. I make it, I leave and live. I miss and I surely die. At least today is not my birthday.

  3. Long Forgotten Memory

    As Sam stood on the beach holding Kate’s hand and scarcely believing what he was seeing he was whisked back to their honeymoon. Six years ago on that very island of Oahu they stayed at one of the island resorts just a few miles down the beach. Sam remembered that they were at the club late that first night. His bride was 13 years his junior and was dancing like she would never do it again in her life. That life that she had was what attracted him to her in the first place and he watched her in awe of her vibrancy. She made him feel less old and more of who he thought he should feel like, someone alive and full of life. Just then Kate was taking him by the hand and laughing and pulling him to the dance floor but Sam tripped and as he started to fall he tried to catch himself on one of the tables and his hand hit a martini glass and shattered it. Kate looked horrified as Sam stood up and saw a large chunk of glass stuck in his palm between the thumb and fore finger. It didn’t hurt until he pulled it out and the blood started to run down his palm in several tracks and onto his wrist. Kate tore a piece of material off her skirt and wrapped it around his hand and tied it at the back. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and said, “I’ll always take care of you.” He smiled at her and said, “You’re so good to me Kate, I’ll always love you.” Sam was back at the beach hold Kate’s hand again. Just as he had reached her he saw what she was looking at and followed the silver kite as it was torn out of the grasp of the little boy a short way down the beach. The kite tumbled and dipped and spun in the waning breeze and finally landed on the top of a hill amongst a grove of palm trees and bushes. At that very instant the sun broke through the clouds and cast shadows down on the trees where the kite landed. Speechless, they both looked at what seemed to be impossible. The sunlight faded behind a cloud and it was gone from view but then, just as fast, the sun was out again and it was back. The shadow cast on the tree trunks and bushes looked exactly like an open palm and the silver kite had landed in, what looked like, the space between the thumb and fore finger and the red streamers of the tail cascaded down the palm onto the wrist in several blood red tracks. Kate and Sam stood hand in hand, not being able to move, for several minutes as their hearts pounded at the sight. Soon the sun faded behind a cloud and they both blinked and looked at each other. All the good things that had attracted Sam to Kate came rushing into his mind and he realized that he did love all that she was, even the childlike parts, because it made him feel alive. Her face slowly turned from a look of astonishment to a big smile and Sam’s did too. He was seeing her as if brand new and he pulled her to him in a strong embrace and said, “I’ll always love you.”