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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


welcome readers & writers :)  thank you Leah Petersen and Danee for writing with me yesterday!
the title for today's photo prompt takes us back a bit. in fact, a found object was the inspiration for this blog! see here and here for more stories on found items, and some of my favorite posts and responses on this blog.
what story, poem or creative non-fiction thoughts bubble up in you as you gaze upon today's found object? 250(ish) words click on comments below to share it. here's mine:

5. 7. 5. ( x 2)

snow falls in summer
because of my blue treasure
shines,  spins,  drops,  lost,  glum 

winter breezes blow
kneeling down i look below
shines,  there,  sun,  found,  glee

come write with me!


  1. It's a funny face with a sideways
    Smile and a goofy hat on top!

    It's the sacred symbol of an
    Asian cult devoted to peace and charity.

    It's a broken ball balanced
    Atop an ancient ottoman.

    It's a clever design with patina
    on lost-wax amalgam gold.

    It's the token of visitation
    from the explorer from Cannerleedoo.

  2. My father the collector.
    hoarded bits of things
    like sticks, and strips of sealing wax
    and other fancy stuff.

    He died when I was 60
    And I watched as they all came
    The movers and the cleaners
    and they thought he was insane

    Oh my father was John Paper
    And he loved all his junk
    And finally it dawned on me
    What he meant by - "Give this stuff to Puff"

    My father was made famous
    by a band who sang a song
    about his magic dragon
    and now he's carried on.

    I thought that he was crazy
    for collecting all these things
    but now my own grandchild sings
    of Puff's engenious wings

    I hold in my right pocket
    a slip of ribbon too
    and on this silky slender slip
    Is a pendant made of blue

    Oh Puff will for ever
    Jackie Paper came no more
    and now my father John is gone
    But, I'll collect things I adore.

  3. Jenny brought
    snowman cupcakes
    Frosting coated.
    Sugar topped.

    My fingers
    got sticky
    Frosting coated.
    Sugar topped.

    My cheeks
    got sticky
    Frosing coated.
    Sugar topped.

    So I washed
    my face
    and I licked
    my fingers
    and I d
    my cupcake.

    Now, the floor
    is sticky
    Frosting coated.
    Sugar topped.

  4. Unregistered Object

    Sorin and Togoth were from a galaxy 7.2 billion light years from our own. Sorin was of the race of Santhan, humanoid in appearance with dreadlock type, “hair” cascading half way down his back and very intelligent. Togoth was of the race of Shinthan, also humanoid but big, broad and with eyes much like the praying mantis of earth. They were not smart but were very good with long range weapons and would follow orders without question. The two had travelled to earth with a military fleet using space folding technology with orders to destroy the Korgak, a race of beings who could leech the life force of any living creature they came into contact with. Compared to earth sized humans Sorin and Togoth were barely two inches tall and invisible because the molecules of their galaxy only reflected ultraviolet light. The Korgak couldn’t be seen either because of their fourth dimensional properties which could make for some very bizarre experiences on earth. Sorin’s tracking equipment picked up a Korgak disturbance in a nearby apartment building. After hitching a ride on the back of a woman’s shoe they scaled the drainpipe to the second floor and slipped in through an open window and jumped down behind a dresser and came face to face with an object they had not yet encountered resting on the floor. Any human would know it to be a plastic ring with the face of a snowman but to Sorin and Togoth it was a mystery. “We have some time to spare, Toe, what do you think it is?” Sorin pointed and said, “That looks like a face.” Togoth eyed the object with his wide set eyes and his high forehead became wrinkled with thought. Suddenly his forehead smoothed out and his large mouth cracked open into a grin and his tongue fell half way out like it usually did. He reached down, picked up the object, and rested it over his broad shoulders with the face covering his own. Sorin crossed his arms over his chest, nodded, and said, “Much better.”