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Saturday, September 11, 2010


welcome readers & writers! my thanks to Jessica Lemmon, C Johnson, De Langer, Dudley and Ordinary Saint for your great posts yesterday, inspired by Mark Webber's awesome photo. now that photog friday is over i'm excited to get in touch with Mark so i can ask him what the "real" story is behind it.  
today is spoof saturday. i'm a sickie today - those back to school germs finally caught up with our family this week. so i'm going to make my contribution short & sweet. you writers, however, should feel free to write as much as (in whatever format) you'd like.  my idea is not very spoofy today, more along the lines of shared wisdom. what do you do to feel better when you're sick? what is your prescription for comfort and healing?  click on comments below to share.  

here's my get well fast regimen:

1.  mint green tea with honey

2.  sleeeeeeeep (when possible - over the sound of hooligans alternately playing and throwing shoes at one another's heads)

3.  a good, lighthearted book.  for me today it's chick lit: i'm nearing the end of Madeleine Wickham's the wedding girl.  lots of funny, sweet moments.  tomorrow it's back to War and Peace or The Grapes of Wrath, whichever strikes me.

4.  i'm a big fan of crackers, ginger ale, and chicken noodle soup.  unfortunately these are not stocked in the house, so will need to persuade hubby to make trip to store.  me thinks he will go because he can be very sweet sometimes.

5.  movies.  again, laughing is important here.  it may be a double header - Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers day.  but only if said hooligans are otherwise occupied (these films are definitely not for children).

6.  count the blessings.  thankful for the luxury of being able to be sick and rest, to have help herding hooligans.  thankful for good health generally.  as i get older i realize this doesn't last forever.  thankful for said hooligans and ginger ale getting hubby.  thankful for my extended family and friends.  thankful for the reading and writing community we're building together on write away every day.   

thankful for YOU! be well & come write with me :)  


  1. 'Can i help you ma'am?' Jakob said politely to the elderly woman walking down the isle.
    'Yes,' she replied very sharply, 'at least i hope you can, i want a tea set for my daughter. A White tea set that is, with very large mugs, not the fancy kind you hear, nice and cozy. Understand?'
    'White and cozy? got it.'
    'yes that is what i just said. no where can i find one?'
    oh dear,' Jakob muttered to himself, 'this kind of costumer.' but he held his face in a smile and lead her to the tea section. There they found a whole isle of white cups and plates and pots or anything white that had to do with food.
    the woman walked up and down the isle muttering. after i while she looked up at Jakob saying, in a less than polite manner.
    'well, aren't you supposed to suggest things to me?' Jakob was really having trouble keeping a smile on his face now.
    'I am supposed to do whatever you wish ma'am.'
    well, i wish you to find some thing for me.'
    'very well, you will have to help me of course, i do not know you daughter.'
    'OF COURSE I KNOW THAT.' she screamed. 'DO I LOOK LIKE A FOOL? DO I LOOK LIKE A PERSON WHO KANT SHOP? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE PLAYING AT? IS IT?!' and that was the last straw. Jakob's smile vanished. he could no longer take being treaded like a servant. no money was worth this. he took of his apron, threw it at the womans cart, and booked out into the streets. Once he was out the door he took one glance back and saw the woman holding his apron,
    and laughing.

  2. Photo of many mugs.
    Many mugs of coffee.
    Coffee fueled 26 hours of work.
    26 hours of work yielded a new website.
    A new website is a symbol of new life.
    New life comes in many forms.
    Many forms like a photo of many mugs.

  3. I hope you all feel better.

    This is what I do when I'm sick:
    - Plenty of berry tea with honey
    - Sleep
    - Mindless and funny TV
    - Reading
    - Gargling with salt water if my throat hurts
    - Medicine and plenty of it
    - Going on the Internet. Maybe a Facebook status complaining about being sick.

  4. She walked down the aisles. wandering in and out of these messes of items she felt no one could ever need. But here they were, along with her, the hostages and the killer, in this dark and lonely feeling department store. These thousands of white mugs made her life seem so peaceful but at the same time she could feel her heart pounding... as though it could just come right out of her chest.
    she had escaped away from the group about an hour earlier when the killer had turned away from her completely to yell at a poor little kid who was crying. he had been separated away from his mother because of that horrid man. she had run off and left the kid there with the psychotic killer yelling at him. but now as she thought about those tears streaming down that little boys face she felt she had to do something. She picked up one of the mugs ... maybe they were worth something...
    she grabbed and ran.
    she ran down a couple aisles turned right and ran toward the pharmacy, where the other people were being kept. she came up behind the killer... she rose her hand. held the mug as her hand shook at an insane speed. she felt she might drop the mug any second. she only had one chance to do what she knew she had to do.
    she held her hand high, closed her eyes, counted to three, and ...

  5. I always wanted to hang out with Ross and Rachel at the Central Perk. Monica was neurotic and Pheobe was just plain crazy, she needed some serious mental help, but I would have put up with them too.

    I remember the nights of watching "Must See TV", "Friends" was always my favorite. They were my dream family, I didn't have many friends in my life. I still don't have a massive amount. My mom always said that it was better to have a handful of good friends than to have a mountain of acquaintances. I took that literally, I wondered if I could ever have 5 really good friends...

    I moved to The City. I thought I'd get a job at the Central Perk and work for Gunther. I only realized after 3 weeks of walking the perimeter of Central Park over and over again, that it mustn't be a real coffee shop. I mean I knew that Gunther was fictional, but I thought for sure that my friends went to a real coffee shop.

    So after all of that searching I ended up working at the Starbucks on 86th and Lexington. I could have gotten a job as a barista back home at Starbucks. Instead here they are "professional staff" and I am a busboy. It's my job to clean up the shit after people explode from too much caffeine. A woman just came out of the ladies room and complained to the manager that the toilet was overflowing, while I filled the bucket with cleaning liquid and water, I look at the plain porcelain grande mugs and wonder "What ever happened to Ross and Rachel?"

    I lug the bucket and mop into the ladies room and am overwhelmed with the cruelty of it all. I still don't have my 5 good friends, instead I have 2 co-workers who speak different languages than I, and dish pan hands from cleaning up after yuppies who drink double half calf carmel fraps with an extra shot and God knows what. I start to cry, theirs a knock on the door.

    I choke back the sobs and mumble "Bathrooms closed for cleaning."

    "Hey Joey, is that you?"

    "Hang on Ma' I'm indisposed"

  6. I'm sorry you feel cruddy. I hope you feel better.

    (I just plugged in for one quick second to say say that)

    *tiptoes back to the plug and yanks it from the socket*