welcome readers & writers! in this cyber space please find: + a photo writing prompt + a place to post your creative writing response (poem, memoir, short story or the like) to the prompt + a community of readers and fellow writers excited to read your writing + morsels of genuine fiction, poetry & creative non-fiction as the blog is updated. share a response as often as you'd like. everyday discoveries from my life, captured on film, will serve as prompts. this is not a place where we will critique one another's work; however, words of encouragement or praise for writers who share their work are most welcome. writers, share your story, poem or creative non-fiction response to the photo by clicking on comments; word count is flexible. cheers! demery

Sunday, September 26, 2010


happy sunday, readers & writers!  today is sabbath sunday - time to breathe and catch up. i'll be looking ahead to plan the week's posts and photos. you are very welcome to look back at photos you might have missed reading or writing about. it's never too late to write about a photo, or to go back to a story you wrote and continue the story.  just send it in by clicking on comments below that particular photo. enjoy... and see you tomorrow, yes?
* * *
p.s. i'm sorry to have missed my post for spoof saturday yesterday. the stomach flu has been making its way through our house and yesterday was my turn :( feeling a little better today. spoof saturday will return next weekend.


  1. There was a darkness weighing down up her. She felt it upon her... this invisible gigantic and relentless force... her blog. It... must... live... it must be fed...