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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


happy two week birthday to my blog! and to you, readers & writers. many thanks to yesterday's contributors; reading your work brings me joy.
here's my take on today's photo prompt, fresh from my camera:
"Leave it. Leaaaaaavvvvve it. No. Drop it. Drrrrop it. Yes. Good girl. Fetch. Good girl! Okay. Bring it here. That's right. Now leave it. Leeavvvve it. No, sorry. I mean drop. Yep. Drop it! Coco drrrooopppp it. Yes -good. Good g--ewww. That's right. Coco's still a good girl. Ick. She's an icky girl. Such a slobby girl. That's right. Sit. Ssssiiiiiiiitttt. SIT! Good. There's your leash. Want some water? I guess I should take the ball. Eww, right. So maybe I'll leave it. Ha ha. Leave it. Leaaaavvvvve it...."
i'd love to read your story, poem or creative non-fiction spin on the photo. submit it by clicking on comments below.  250(ish) words or less. thanks for a fantastically fun fortnight!


  1. There are those moments when you see something or somebody stuck... that ought not to be stuck. You may try and free it or them. You may pass on with just that fleeting recognition. Sometimes you don't even notice. Last night I came home to find out that someone I loved was finally free. Unstuck. It is harder than I thought this morning to know I can never again try to help. Wish to help. There is nothing left to do... no action. No more wishes. That is life. And death. The love that I felt for my wife's uncle... and that I received from him... that was never stuck or frozen and cannot be lost. I am trying very hard to move on from looking for that "ball stuck in the fence" and to just cherish the love shared. Some habits are hard to shake.

  2. The tennis ball whizzed by his face and knocked the newspaper from his hand. Anger erupted in him faster than he could control. He grabbed the ball and threw it as far as he could, to the end of the yard, beyond the bushes, by the back fence, out of reach.

    “I TOLD you if you didn’t stop it with that fucking ball I would go MAD!!!” he yelled, shaking with rage.

    The boy jumped, burst into frightened tears and ran into the house, wailing.

    “DAMMIT!!” he thought, “I’m going to have her on my case now for making him cry again. I’m going to get the lecture about him only being little, about us not bonding, about how I show him no affection, how I am no good as a father to him. All the old crap over and over again.”

    He squeezed his eyes shut to try to quell the tide of his anger but he couldn’t. It was just constant these days. He hated everyone and everything about himself and his life. He got no pleasure from anything and he just wanted to let out the longest, loudest, most anguished scream you could make. He was pure rage 100% of the time and he didn’t know why. He wasn’t always like this. He was the man people wanted to be like.

    “What was WRONG with me? Why am I so angry all the fucking time???”

    She was coming out to him now, cradling the sobbing boy in her arms. She just stared at him for the longest time and started to weep.

  3. Out of Sight…

    Sorin took one last glimpse of the man shivering in the field and the slow moving dog heading straight for them as he leaped for the shadow. Landing on his belly with a thud he quickly rolled to his back as Togoth landed next to him. “Didn’t land on me that time did you Toe?” Togoth chuckled as the two got to their feet behind the tennis ball. “Good cover,” Sorin muttered. The veins on Togoth’s high forehead bulged as he strained to move his wide set eyes closer together for sighting his weapon. Sorin always marveled at watching him prepare and said, “It’s a good thing you’re the best marksman in the fleet Toe.” At that Togoth’s mouth split open into a wide snaggle toothed grin as his tongue flopped half way out. Sorin shook his head and said, “because if you weren’t… now sight in!” Togoth turned and brought his weapon up sighting past the slow motion dog to bear on the trees just to the right of the man. Sorin focused on the man uncomfortable with cold on this warm summer day. The humans usually thought those cold spots were ghosts, if they knew they were the Korgak terror would sweep the globe. You’re big and slow, human, but we’re doing our best to save you, Sorin thought, as he shifted his gaze to the forest behind him. The dark purple haze began to materialize through the trees on the far end of the field just behind the man. As that glowing white eye turned in their direction Togoth’s shoulder jerked and it went black. Sorin grabbed his arm and spun him around. “Great shot, one more eye to go when it turns its head. The humans can’t see ultraviolet light but the Korgak can and that dog’s gonna take our cover in five so we go on three.” He motioned toward a maple leaf leaning against a stone and looked back at Togoth. Both nodded and together said, “THREE!”