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Saturday, August 28, 2010


welcome, welcome readers & writers. it's spoof saturday! we take things a little easier on saturdays (or at least we try to have a little laugh). to see other spoof saturday fun, click here, here & here
went to the movies with my hubby recently and saw this amazing film. i love getting to the theater early enough to see the previews/trailers for upcoming films. so today, let's write movie trailers! sky's the limit - they can be based on a made up story/movie idea, on your own life, or the life of a character you've dreamed up. here's mine, based on my novel: 
She was a GEN X girl stuck in the pristine past [montage of girl dressed in proper 1950's attire reading a vintage advice columns from miss manners]. 
She wanted nothing more in life than perfection [video of girl on someone's front porch, ringing the doorbell, then noticing a run in her stockings and doing a crazy dance to get them off before the door is answered] AND to be a world renowned home decorator [video of her showing off beautifully decorated room]. 
There's only one problem, her life is a mess [montage of her in her ugly, messy apartment]. Now, she's got the chance of a lifetime [video of girl shaking hands with posh woman, obviously successful magazine editor].
Can she pull her life together [montage of her crying over a photo of her grandmother, hobbling around on crutches, in a closet with boxes falling on her, helping drunk father to lay down on sofa] in time to catch her big break? 
Maybe with a little help from her friends [montage of vintage "ghost" advice columnist, beautiful japanese au pair laughing over blueberry pancakes, boys varsity soccer team painting a room pink, handsome handyman giving her a kiss]. 
Starring Emma Watson, Justin Long, Keiko Kitagawa, Thomas Sangster and Nicholas Cage. December 2014.   

come write with me! 250(ish) words or less; submit your spoof saturday piece by clicking on comments below.  enjoy :)

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  1. In a world without sunlight... in a world without hope... one man stepped forward... with both feet... and demanded change. ObamaRa was the son of the son of the son of the son of the daughter of a gopher hunter and as such was the by prophecy the bringer of change... the bringer of light.

    In a world without sunlight... another was born... the daughter of the daughter of the guy who made wood thingies... she was born to bring life. By prophecy she was hot and wore really very little in the way of clothing...

    What happens when the lightbringer of change and the lifebringer in very little clothing gets together... could change the world.

    RATED: PG-13 for brief nudity, violence, mayhem, cursing and profanity, more violence, mild humor, crude hand gestures and more...