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Thursday, August 12, 2010


welcome readers & writers.  writers, those were some awesome posts yesterday. thank you for your contributions!
today's photo prompt is a shot i took on a long drive a few weeks back. i was as tired that night as i was last night working on this post. lots of substitute teaching this week for me - which is both wonderful and draining. without much creative energy left over, i decided to try my hand at a short form (haiku) poem.

haiku (5-7-5)
night curve, pavement blight
bleary eyed ebb, gunning home
seek, track, moonlit path
you writers may have more to say on the photo, which would be awesome! i'll be reading :) so come write with me today by submitting your story, poem or creative non-fiction work below (click on comments). 250 (ish) words or less. and, if you like write away every day, spread the word to your writing & reading friends!


  1. As night wore on he was still driving. There were very few other cars on the road. He had switched off the music several hours ago; it had begun to annoy him. It had become background noise and was just giving him a headache.

    He had made a few pit stops, to eat, to refuel, to stretch, to empty himself. He had tried and tried but he just couldn’t get the kid out of his head. He didn’t want to leave him, and some part of him was disappointed that the kid didn’t ask him to stay. They had been good buddies. They did a lot together. He realised he had become something of a father figure to him, that they had built up a bond.

    He knew the kid understood that it had nothing to do with him that he left. He hoped he knew.

    The empty road ahead was relentless. He used to love its open-endedness, the way it promised everything and nothing. But now it simply seemed empty.

    He pulled over and lit a cigarette. He stared out the window at the setting sun and cursed himself. He hated admitting he had made a mistake. He hated being wrong. He hated being needed.

    He started the engine again and swung the car around and started to head back.

    Being wanted wasn’t the same as being needed. And if you correct what is wrong it’s the same as being right.

  2. running in fear i

    swerve the wheel with my moist hands

    this night has no end

  3. Think Quick, Move Fast

    The car came to rest on the bottom of the river with a jolt. I think I blacked out for a second and when I opened my eyes the lights on the dash board were moving slowly with bright trails of color behind them. A dark shadow loomed out my side window and there was a large vibration as the dump truck that sent me off the bridge landed on the river bed just outside my door. The dim light faded even more and there was the high pitched sound of scraping metal as the truck leaned over and rested on the roof of the car. I knew I could get out of a vehicle underwater but if I was pinned it would be all over fast so I went for the seatbelt and found that it was jammed. Panic struck me as I pulled the knife out of my back pocket and as the water began rushing in around my ankles I cut through both belts and scrambled into the back seat. The roof began resisting the weight of the truck with a low moaning sound and I knew that when it gave way it would come down quickly. As the water bubbled around my waist, I braced myself and shut my eyes tight. The roof buckled with a crunch and all the windows exploded into the car. I was wrenched about violently as the water traded places with the air and then, weightlessness. When I opened my eyes I could see a small space in between the roof and the passenger side door so I pushed off with all my strength and propelled myself out just as the roof came down onto the car. Three large kicks and I was above water and gulping in much needed air. My fast moving, whitewater raft training kicked in as I thought of the truck driver and, with knife in hand, I took two quick breaths and dove.

  4. Red light, green, cobalt
    bathed in indigo, driving
    Going on, on, on