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Sunday, August 15, 2010


today's writing prompt photo
below is an excerpt from my novel, titled Friday, Saturday, Someday. the main character, Glory, is a budding home and gardens columnist.  she's gotten the opportunity of a lifetime - to re-do the home of a big time (bitchy) magazine editor in chapel hill, nc. this could be Glory's big break. the catch is, she's promised to redecorate the whole house in one week while the family is away on vacation. she's hired a carpenter to help out, and they've really clicked as friends, having spent so many hours working, talking and laughing with each other - not to mention dealing with a number of tricky setbacks. (some other folks lend a hand too - you'll read more about them soon). he's already zonked out in the backyard of the house. this isn't a romance novel by any stretch, but there is definitely the potential for love in the air, along with a few wishes turned to prayers:

She found him stretched out on the grass, hands under his head. She supposed he must have fallen asleep looking at this star soaked sky. Shivering slightly at the cool tickle of grass against her skin, she said nothing as she lay down beside him. It was warmer than most nights in May. The Big Dipper was the only constellation she could identify, but still she connected the dots of all the biggest diamonds in the sky, murmuring wishes on each one of them.
That I will get this project finished in time and not be sued… That the Hoffmans will never miss the trash bags full of stuff now lost in the city dump… That I might find the time to finally turn Gram’s place into a peaceful home for myself… She lay quietly for a moment, matching her breath to his. As her body relaxed she became aware of a symphony of crickets around her, and her wishes turned to prayers. For Tommy, that he will have everything he needs in life. For Mom, let her be happy. Her eyes filled with tears and the stars blurred. Please, please let my dad get some help. The tears overflowed their pool and slid down her temples to her ears. She breathed some more and the stars came into focus again.

He stirred beside her and turned to look at him, thinking how -- unexpected he was. Extraordinary, she breathed. Thank you for letting me meet him. He'd rolled onto his side with his back to her. Propping herself up high on her elbow, she peered over his shoulder, squinting to see his face. He was still sleeping deeply. Lying down again, she edged closer to him. Though they bodies were not touching, she could feel the warmth of him through his sweatshirt. He smelled like soap, like sunshine. A kind of electricity buzzed in the half inch of space between their bodies, ebbing and flowing in time with their breathing and the night sounds that billowed around them.
got any messages (fiction or non) for the stars? for God? for love, destiny, fate, the universe in all its wonder? submit your story, poem or creative non-fiction work by clicking on comments below. 250(ish) words or less. thanks for writing with me!


  1. I love it when prose allows me to so vividly "See" a scene without "telling" me to do so - good work here - well done.

  2. with burning there is heat
    with flame there is light
    with light there is hope
    while heat, light and hope persist
    life is

  3. a lonely light
    the only one glowing
    a burning beacon
    leading the way
    showing an example
    leading to freedom
    lighting the path
    blessing the earth
    giving him glory...