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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


readers & writers - welcome! thanks and thanks again to Pauline, Chuck Galle and Catherine (welcome!) for writing with me yesterday. reading your work is so much fun.
* * *
so, as i mentioned a few days ago, spoof saturdays have been moved to wednesdays. we're calling them "wacky wednesdays" - and they're just a chance to have some fun with our writing. hope you'll join in! to see the kinds of things we did on spoof saturday, click here, here, and here. today's wacky wednesday topic is tongue twisters. have you ever heard "she sells sea shells by the sea shore?" probably so! and if you're this side side of 35 years old you might even remember the brady bunch episode where buddy hinton teases cindy because she lisps when trying to say it... awwww - but then somebody punches his lights out (peter, maybe) knocking buddy's tooth loose and causing him to lisp. see now, how the shoe is on the other foot. uh huh. ANYHOO... write your own tongue twister(s) if you'd like. a tongue twister is any group of words that's difficult to repeat with accuracy several times in a row. here are a few from me:

fried rice fried twice feels nice

please freeze a flea's knees if he's in your green peas
but if it's bees knees in your green peas, do not freeze please

writers, come write with me! readers, your comments are most welcome :)

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  1. Here's a couple for you:
    Next time no time ain't time woe time.
    Bob pops bops spots, hops stops and cops whoppers.