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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


welcome, readers & writers. many thanks, brian potopowitz, for writing freddie, the sequel in response to my story yesterday - fun stuff! 
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here is today's photo prompt, along with the haiku i've written in response to it. i'd love to read your spin on the photo, short story, poem or creative non-fiction. 250(ish) words or less. click on comments below to share.
5. 7. 5.
riding the rails - there's
no work in sight, 'cept making
dairy towers right
come write with me...
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  1. Sack-religious

    At my Oma's church they had those little shot glasses for communion.

    You'd line up and take a cup, then they would pour the "Blood of Christ" into your little plastic jigger, bottoms up.

    It reminded me of when Daddy and Mommy had their New Years Eve Party and the kids were supposed to be with the sitter upstairs while they had their party downstairs. That's what they said, bottoms up.

    We are on the way back from Oma's house, this time we took a train, its slower, but there were no flights out of Ohare. Mama said something about a strike. So we took the train to St Louis.

    We didn't go to her house though, just her church. We were never there before. It was pretty, white with a green blanket hanging on the wall behind a cross. It looked like a church I saw on TV once, but the preacher wasn't as handsome.

    Today we are going home, my sister, Suzy and I were playing communion with the creamers and my mom just yelled at us. She said it was religious and she doesn't believe in that stuff anyway.

  2. my child needs tasty
    milky treats in smaller trays
    so don't stop them please

  3. Rocking the Amtrack,
    No luxury sacrificed.
    This...is the high life.