welcome readers & writers! in this cyber space please find: + a photo writing prompt + a place to post your creative writing response (poem, memoir, short story or the like) to the prompt + a community of readers and fellow writers excited to read your writing + morsels of genuine fiction, poetry & creative non-fiction as the blog is updated. share a response as often as you'd like. everyday discoveries from my life, captured on film, will serve as prompts. this is not a place where we will critique one another's work; however, words of encouragement or praise for writers who share their work are most welcome. writers, share your story, poem or creative non-fiction response to the photo by clicking on comments; word count is flexible. cheers! demery

Sunday, October 3, 2010


happy sunday readers & writers!
* * *
on sundays around here we take it easy.  i plan photos and posts for the upcoming week - and you are very welcome to catch up on last week's posts (or further back if you want) & read or write about those. have a great day :) see you in the a.m.

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