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Friday, October 8, 2010


welcome readers & writers! many thanks to Brian Potopowitz and Bess Weatherby for writing such great posts in response to brian's intriguing photo yesterday.
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it's spoof saturday, and being that it's also election season (and politicians are constantly on the radio and tv crowing about their awesomeness), i think it would be fun to write some spoofs on political ads. my only request is that we not use the names of real candidates or actual political parties/movements :) play nice & have fun! click on comments below to share.

Suz E. Kew for President (of the Cookie Bakers Club of America)

Last month in Wichitaw, Kansas alone an estimated sixty dozen cookies were baked and consumed. But I ask you, just how many of those cookies were made from scratch? My opponent will tell you that women are too busy to make real cookies anymore. She'll try to convince you that cookie dough in a tub, that [shudder] slice and bakes, taste just as good and are as wholesome for your children as homemade. But I've been baking cookies for twenty-five years and I'm here to tell you, they're not. My opponent is wrong. Those fancy women with their big, important jobs and their well-paid nannies and their specialty cupcake shops and their crystal cookie trays are wrong. Nothin' but good home cooking, and home-made cookies will do. You betcha. Don't let them fool ya. Stick with me and we'll keep the dreams and recipes passed down to us from our grandmothers, er, those things alive.
I'm Suz E. Kew and I approve this message.
write with me?

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  1. He promised you a free pass on welfare... and mortgages... and taxes... and civil service... and free admission to rock concerts... and even fresh baked sugar cookies... and more. You voted yes. And you got bupkiss. Seriously. Did you really believe anything any politician ever told you... ever? In the history of time?! Fortunately for you, Sam Slaughter is a new breed of politician. He will represent your needs in Congress and he will get things done. Now. Like free Friday car washes, iPhones for everyone, a 90% gasoline and every voter will get to appear on Wheel of Fortune. Everyone. Sam is a man of his word. You can take it to the bank.

    (brought to you by the same guys who sold you the pet rock... suckers)