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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


readers & writers - a warm write away welcome to you this wednesday!  
* * *
here's my take on today's photo prompt:
Name's Freddie. Freddie the Shark. You might think I get bored swimming round and round in this tank. Meh, sometimes. But I got ways of keeping myself entertained. I chase the little fish sometimes, yawning as I swim by just to see them flip away as fast as they can. I hang out in the bubbles, get a little massage on this tough old shark skin. And I jump into photos like this one, planning my route so I'll be just behind kiddos like these. "Cheese!" I like to make things nice for them, you know? But sometimes, just every once in awhile, when no little kids are watching and an adult or two is hanging around, I bulge out my eyes real big and swim right at the glass with my mouth open and bump into it, JAWS style. Just hard enough to make them jump. Ha! By the time they're back in their shoes I'm swimming around peacefully again. Whoooo, me????  
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  1. A Day at the Aquarium

    “WOW” Look at that big shark,” Freddie exclaimed with a wide-eyed grin on his face. “His name’s Freddie, yeah, I bet his name’s Freddie.” Caroline put her hands on her hips and leaned in to Freddie’s right ear and said, “The crab’s name was Freddie, and the Rainbow Trout, and the…” She trailed off as Freddie turned to her with that big, wide-eyed grin and nodded his head over and over again. It stopped the flow of words every time. Mandy pointed and said, “Look, there’s a little red fish under that rock.” Chuck looked to where she was pointing and said, “That’s cool, this is the best field trip I’ve ever been on.” Just then a man walked up behind them and said, “Hey, kids.” The four turned to see a guy dressed in a khaki shirt and shorts. He was out of breath and soaking wet. His right hand came out from behind his back and he was holding a large fire axe. He slapped it down into his left hand and without taking his eyes off the shark he said, “You’re gonna want to step back.”