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Friday, November 5, 2010


welcome readers & writers! sorry i missed posting yesterday. i was, indeed, kidnapped by third graders aliens. they did something very strange to me; i blinked and suddenly it was friday. it's not photog friday... that will return next week. just plain old friday.
* * *
writers, take a spin around this photo prompt and see where it leads you. story, poem or creative fiction - click on comments below to share. readers, the comments section is open to you, too! here's my spin on today's photo prompt:

I slide into the front seat of the car, exhaling the stress of the last eight hours. Exhausting day. Miserable week. Flipping crappy month. Nothing, nothing, is going right for me. Work. Family. Friends. Everything. It feels like everything is wrong, or off, or ruined, or out of reach. I start the engine and buckle my seat belt. I take the clip out of my hair and slip off my shoes. I push the power button on the stereo and the cheerful sound of my favorite audio book floods the car. Cracking the top on the soda I snitched from the communal fridge on the way out the door, I ease out of my parking space and onto the main road. 
The soda's icy sweet bubbles bounce down my throat and back up again and I belch (like a sailor, to quote my mother) and then murmur an apology to the empty car. Just a few blocks away is the interstate. I nose my way into the rush hour traffic, turning toward home. At the edge of town - when I'm almost to my exit - traffic lightens up and my speedometer finally tops fifty-five. In synch with the car, something in me shifts, lets go, revels in the forward motion. My exit comes. My exit goes. I drive on until I've gone so far there's no turning back. At least not tonight. 

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  1. Love this! I felt like I was right there in the car, too.

  2. Driving at night is not like driving at day. Or any other time. It is dark. And everything looks, well, different. I think my eyes are not as good at night as they were when I was young... I mean younger. Still, I drive. And since I drive so little at night, it is always a shock. I mean, the first time you see a vampire swoop by, it can really rattle you. At first, I would often hits the breaks and then speed off... when I realized that stopping was a 'bad' idea. Now, I swerve to try and hit the buggers. One of them gave me the finger once. I take that as a badge of pride.

  3. aliens made me
    drive over fifty-five miles
    per hour, really sir

  4. Linda - many thanks! Road trip? You can be Thelma and I'll be Louise :)

    FilmGuy - thank you for writing with me & for making me laugh!