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Thursday, November 18, 2010


welcome, readers & writers!  here's today's photo writing prompt - a little later than usual.  writers, would love to hear your creative take on the photo - story, poem or memoir - click on comments to share.  readers, comments are open to you, too.  thanks, all for stopping by.  see below for my spin on the photo.
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'ello all!  my name is Sir Nicholas. You might know me. My creator J.K. Rowling, God bless 'er, made me famous in her books about young Harry Potter. Nearly Headless Nick, they call me. Well, it seems I'm not nearly headless anymore.  Since I moved into this house with three young lads and one gargantuan dog, me head's altogether gone, now. Likely ended up in the washtub or under the sofa. Don't know how I'm speaking with you at all.  Magic, I suppose. That's one thing there's no shortage of here. Spells are always bein' cast about. Some are spells from the books, some are brand new made up spells like solar inferno, which - the lads say - engulfs its object in a ball of fire. Wands are flashing. Capes are flying. I hear a lot of talk about how many days until "number seven" comes out. Not sure what they mean, but it has something to do with me. And popped corn. Tin of tunny, I'd like to find me head by then so I could view whatever this "number seven" is. Ah well. At least maybe one of the lads might hide me in 'is pocket. Do ring me if you see it, won't you? 



  1. One of his bits was the dummy and he had this argument, see, and he was the stick-in-the-mud old conservative whose responses were all predictable and stupid and the dummy was rational and clever and witty. We could hardly finish our hors d'oeuvres we were laughing so. We had t-ported in from B45-I-952 (popularly known as B-4-5) en route to Maximillius II for a brief two year vacation, and because we hadn't eaten since we jumped off from Saturn, decided to try some galactic gastronomics. We started with Eetmees from the civilization Phagomia, just beyond the Small Magellanic Cloud. Delightful little creatures who propagate themselves through gastric processes, so have developed the psychic knack of morphing themselves into colors and tastes that appeal to the particular creature before them. Mine tasted like shrimp and then truffles, and then artichokes and finished with a clean tart pickely sweetness. It was as the breads and spreads were brought that the ventriloquist was placed on the table. He was so delightful, his dummy becoming fifteen or sixteen different creatures, each from a different IP (Inhabited Planet for the non-initiates). It is just amazing how humor is pretty much based on the same concepts irrespective of the nature of the civilization or the physical nature of the inhabitants. Surprise, and the revealing of our most deeply hidden biases and contradictions never fail to embarrass and delight us. It's just delicious how we sentient beings love to find our own faults and be punctured by our own pomposities. Just before our entrée was brought, meats from three different worlds and veggies from six, he pulled his closing gag, in which his dummy snatched the ventriloquist's head off and placed it upon his own head, reversing their roles!

  2. Hilarious! Love it!

    Is that a time turner?

  3. linda - thank you :) seen the movie yet?

    chuck - my favorite line in your fiction romp is "Surprise, and the revealing of our most deeply hidden biases and contradictions never fail to embarrass and delight us." awesome sentence! thanks for writing.

    bess - thank you - and yes, good eye! this is a time turner that has also suffered dismemberment in our rowdy household. enjoy your trip to texas this week. don't know where you'll be, but give a wave in the general direction of Austin and i'll be waving back :)

  4. It was funny. Really. I sat down and there it was... a gift left for me (ok, or anyone else who happened by). Now I will never know what inspired the headless Lego weapon wielding figure residing inside that ring. I can only imagine that someone under five feet tall was pretty happy making it. And arranging it just so. Had it been there long? Hours? Days? When I was in college, I had stuff that sat on counters for weeks. Mainly possible because the odor does fade once decomposition is complete. Quite a scientific feat to confirm the half-life of spaghetti and sauce. Which makes you think... surely this fella has a girlfriend, right? So stylish. Commanding. I will confess to assuming this is a male... and as Lego's go, we will never ever ever know. So standing there, this powerful figure waits. For what? If not the girlfriend, perhaps pasta? Or most likely a worthy opponent. I did notice the mace. Now... I think I shall look around and see if there is a nice dragon or troll hiding under a pillow or near the bookshelves...