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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


it's wacky wednesday, readers & writers!  since we don't have spoof saturdays anymore, we've got to be wacky at least a few wednesdays out of the month.
* * *
so join me today in writing about this rather nasty, mysterious found object... Dr. Seuss style! Poem, story, or really creative non-fiction... rhyme away! writers, click on comments below to share your work or to heap praise on the hilarious, brilliant work of others.

white foot, light foot
ghost foot, gross foot
muddy, cruddy, narrow toes foot
creeping, sneaking, on the path
reeking, leaking, needs a bath
feeling sick now, need to go
methinks he's glad i said hello

thanks for stopping by!


  1. The sole of the foot
    wiggled and shook,
    as the Snook ran Amuk
    by the red tall Wook.

    If the Wook told the Shook
    to stand tall and be still
    amuk would still run
    because of great will

  2. Thanks for writing with me, Dr. Seuss... I mean, Dr. FilmGuy!