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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


readers & writers, welcome!  
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writers, feel free to spin a little tale/poem/musing about today's photo prompt. just click on comments below to post. i'll be back to write, but probably very late tonight when i return from seeing harry potter 7.1 with my big boy. love the movies. love harry potter. love my boy. thinking about what it must be like for an author to have gobs and gobs of people be inspired by something you've written... and what it's like to see your story spring to life on the big screen. pretty cool stuff. thanks for stopping in!!  come write with me :)
I'm back! I couldn't find the words last night to write about Harry Potter 7.1  It was amazing. And it really defies review because it just is. There's no going wrong for this iconic story that is so much bigger than ink on a page or pixels on a screen. Judging by the audience in the theater last night, Harry Potter is a universal story which brings hope, joy and courage to people of all ages. It has and will help shape the character of my boys, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Have you seen the film? What is your response?


  1. I just finished working out.


    The snarky answer is why not. The usual answer is get in shape. Or lose weight. A workout can clear the mind or relieve stress. Sometimes we do things out of habit... and just keep doing them for no other reason. Everyday can be different. As you approach each moment, why do you choose the path you choose? Even doing nothing is a choice. Sitting is a choice. But working out is certainly sweatier than sitting... so sitting is a less moist choice.

    Somedays the reason(s) for working out are clear straightforward and easy to see. Somedays it is a struggle. Or inconvenient.

    Today I worked out because I love my family. I want to be healthy and here for them and with them for as long as I have on this earth. That will do for today.

    And yes. That means no candy.

  2. Seriously, if she had posted a picture of milk duds, it might have broken me. Junior Mints, I can resist.

  3. I saw Harry Potter on Monday--loved it. Much better than HP #6, I thought. Can't wait for 7.2!

  4. FilmGuy - you're good... A+ for being good! but now i know your weak spot. milk duds! :) thanks for writing with me.

    Linda - i'm with you... i loved six but think that seven was better. and i would have happily sat another few hours just to see the end. guess we'll have to hang in there until july!