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Friday, December 17, 2010


writers & readers, welcome!
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Kyra fiddled with the backing of the glossy bow, struggling to peel it back despite the fact that she had no fingernails (chewed to the quick). She'd turn forty next week, New Year's eve. She marveled at the fact that, twenty-five years later, she couldn't wrap a gift without thinking of that one Christmas, when her true love showered her with a gift every day. Not partridges or pear trees, mind you, but mixed tapes and simple trinkets fraught with meaning. And on Christmas day, her first ring (which she would, sometime in college - when the drama of their relationship had wended its way to a peak - mail it back to him in an envelope stuffed with poetry and dreams and recriminations and ultimatums).  Then it all had fizzled and dispersed like the smoke after fireworks. At the time of the great gifting she thought that every boy was so sweet, that every boy would shower her with gifts and compliments and undying love. She chuckled now. That hadn't been the case. Not in the least. But life had brought her so many good gifts, simple and complicated, each one fraught with meaning.       


  1. Rivers of ribbons

    rambling riotously -

    Ribald! Riveting.

  2. Even at the ripe old age
    of twenty three
    there are very few things that I love to see
    more than a ribbon and a big red bow
    wrapped tight and careful beneath the glow
    of my mother's Christmas tree :)

    Cheers, dear

    ~ Bess

  3. piles and piles

    of red ribbons surround me

    no pony in sight

  4. Chuck Galle - [I'm] really reveling in all of your R's!! Thanks for writing :)

    Bess - Here, here! The child inside will always take delight in red ribbons. Cheers to you!

    Film Guy - I'm still waiting for the proverbial pony, too. Maybe someday!