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Monday, March 14, 2011


welcome, readers & writers.
today my heart is heavy with the heartbreak of the planet... for our world neighbors in Japan, for the unrest across the middle east, for the struggles that folks in our own country are facing each day. so let's write about it ~ poems, stories or reflections of solidarity and hope. click on comments below to join me. also, in case you're thinking of making a donation for relief efforts in Japan but don't know where, here's a link to an organization we really trust: erd (Episcopal Relief & Development).
the world has shifted on its axis, so they say
how can it not, under the monstrous burden of sorrow it bears?
the earth falters and buckles 
oceans of salty tears storm the shore, innocent and clumsy  
how can water bend steel? break life? 
search. mourn. remove rubble. be. die inside. rest. be again. emerge. try.
the only hope i see today is the mystery of heaven
an island of peace in a golden sea of forever
where they wait, in the know
where they wait with love


  1. That's an extraordinary poem. Thanks so much for sharing it during these troubling times.

  2. Your poem gave me goosebumps. Sad, and yet so beautiful, and ending on that note of hope. I love it.

  3. JAPAN MARCH 2011

    I wish there were a crazy, meddlesome
    erratic, fumble fingered, vengeful, vicious
    ham fisted, ego-maniacal, jealous
    dastardly, monstrous, black-hearted
    blank-hearted, soulless, bloodthirsty
    cranky, unpredictable, uncivilized
    frantic, mean spirited, ghoulish, gluttonish
    slothful, abominable, grotesque
    capricious, barbaric, fell
    interfering, officious, apathetic
    impulsive, freakish, vindictive
    son of a bitchin' God like the
    ogre from the Old Testament
    I could rage about for this inexcusable
    horror laid upon these sweet
    nay almost even sweetest
    people on this planet. But
    Mr. Frost has said it all:
    "Tragedy is when something
    terrible happens and there's
    no one to blame."

  4. We had meant to go on a day out, me and my family. We had meant to drive down one of those roads you never see cars on, stop somewhere, and just have a picnic. But after we had heard about Japan, and then about all our friends over there who had been hurt, all the shine went out of the sun. My cousin who is in the navy was there when it happened. He is going to have to do a lot of work now. Our friends the Greens, were there and they lost power, though they are safe. and many other friends and relatives of ours have been affected. There was no day out that day. we just sat, did school and graded papers, and prayed. It's really hard to understand how there can be so much suffering in the world.
    But the thing we all need to remember as we make out way through this is that there is good in the world too. So let us all offer our prayers to those who have been hurt by this disaster, both directly and indirectly.

  5. Tricia & Linda - Thank you both so much. It means a lot to me to read your kind words.

    Chuck - I love your choice to use the line from Robert Frost... It's entrance there at the end is a cooling balm on the anger and despair (so powerfully expressed) I know so many of us feel when tragedy strikes. Thank you for writing with me.

    Johnsons - I love this description of your day and your family's thoughtfulness. Not only is it a glimpse into the lovely people you all are, it is well written and nicely polished. I love to read your work! Thank you for writing with me.

    Alison - Thanks, and hugs to you my friend.

  6. all the souls of the dead lifted up at once in a great heaving sigh heard round the world . . . and those left behind felt the breath of it on our cheeks, moistly.