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Monday, February 7, 2011


writers & readers, welcome! i'm so glad you've stopped by. 
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today's photo prompt comes to you straight from my weekend. on friday our family enjoyed a (very) rare snow day here in austin, tx! my boys and i were able to scrape together enough clean snow off of our car to give this cowboy snowman blobby fellow life (at least for a few hours until the sun came out). writers, i'd love to read your short story, poetic or creative non-fiction spin on the photo - just click on comments to share it. readers, comments are open to you as well.

Ya might say that the day started out at loose ends... I felt scattered, drifty, cold and alone. Not myself. But round and about eight o'clock something changed. Warmth came and gathered me up, scoop by scoop, pulling me to a solid center, smoothing me, shaping me, adding cool layer upon layer to me, smoothing some more until I was myself.  Then they gave me eyes to see. Boy, howdy did I love their laughing eyes and rosy cheeks and bright smiles. Next came a nose and then a big sniff from me... whoo-wheee did that air smell fresh and clean. Healthy like. At first the little one gave me a stick for my mouth, but it was kind of flat, and it made me look sad. So when the neighbor brought over the green crunchy looking things and gave me a smile, with eyebrows to match, I was right happy. Right glad to be alive. That mama person ran inside then and found me a hat.
"There," she said, "he's our Texas snowman. Well, snow blob." Blob, she said. Did she mean Bob? I think she meant Bob. How on God's green earth did she know my name? Anyhoo. I sat there on the back of their car while they took pictures. After a little while they went inside, saying something about hot chocolate. I waved at passing cars with my stick arms and saw a whole posse of people smiling as they went by. And then, as the sun moved higher in the sky, I felt so warm. I closed my eyes and fell to sleep. Up, up I felt myself float. Like on a dream. And now I'm a cloud and I'm passing over their house and waving. It's me, Bob, I shout -- and then, in case they don't realize, I say Blob. It's me, Cowboy Blob! 


  1. 'Mom! the snows not good for a snowman. We haven't been able to make one all year!' And so my day had gone. We had had a lot of snow the day before and the kids had been ecstatic, but of coarse (as it had been all year) it was not snowman-friendly. The kids had tried to use this as an excuse to stay in and play video games all day, but, using some useful mother tricks, i had convinced them to stay out and they have been out for the past half hour.

    An hour latter:

    'How was it? Come in for some hot co-co. Glad you had fun.' they're back and wanting hot chocolate. oh how bright their cheeks are, but they refuse to tell me what they did.

    Half and hour later:

    Going out to the car to get some milk. Wait! What's here?

  2. Aww, I love Cowboy Blob! I grew up in S.A., and can only remember it snowing one time during my entire childhood, and then only about an inch. Boy, was that inch special! :)

  3. 5 7 5

    flat cowboy snowman

    leafy smile and carrot nose

    melting as he's made!