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Monday, January 17, 2011


a good monday to you, readers & writers. and, for those of you who live in the united states, happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day! may his legacy live on and inspire us to goodness, peace, justice, and equality. many thanks to all for your kind words about my first published story... saturday was one happy day for me :) 
* * *
today's photo prompt is another from my trip to san antonio. writers, please join me in writing about it! i'd love to read your poem, short story or creative non-fiction reflection on the photo; just click on comments below to share it. readers, comments are open to you as well. Here's my creative non-fiction spin on the photo:
In the time it takes a penny to tumble through the air and belly flop onto the water, sinking to its new home, a thousand wishes leave me and telegraph themselves to the heavens. The wishes I wish are between me and the fountain; if I wrote them here they might not come true. And, let's face it. They might not come true anyway, but that I still believe in "making a wish" means I have faith in something.  Someone shrouded in mystery and love is listening, and it's okay, good even, to want something - to have words of hope leave me and join the uneven melody of water meeting water, meeting ceramic. 
I always cheat when I toss those pennies - loading way more than one wish onto the tiny copper surface of a coin that doesn't buy anything anymore. And when I do, the same thing happens time and again. In the time it takes the penny to tumble through the air and belly flop onto the water, sinking to its new home, one wish rises above the rest and telegraphs itself to the heavens. And in that moment I know myself better than the moment before.


  1. Followed the link to your story -- I love it! Reminds of when TG & I drove across country with our dog--you guessed it--Buster. We snuck him into hotel rooms along the way, too. :)

  2. I like this story, Dem. Good stuff.

    Here's my take, what are now being called 5, 7, 5's. Give's them the American gloss.

    bettas face to face
    outside the bowl water spills -
    inverted image!

  3. Linda - I can't believe you and TG had a dog named Buster :) Thank you so much for reading the story.

    Chuck - I like your 5.7.5. :) Thank you for writing with me!