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Saturday, July 31, 2010


happy saturday, everyone!  today's photo prompt is a little different.  it's still a photo, as you can see, one i took while hanging out the window of our minivan (the swagger wagon!).  said minivan was hovering just above the pavement with its speedometer reading a tiny, minuscule smidgen under 84 miles/hr. (if my mom is reading, no worries!  that's a mere nine miles over the posted limit).  i guess my husband was kind of desperate to "get there" after twelve and a half hours in the car with three kids and a wife like me.  can't say i blame him. 
anyway, i've been thinking about this empty billboard just basking there in the sunshine, waiting patiently to be designed.  if it was yours, what would you advertise?  let's challenge ourselves and limit our word count today - describing only what could actually fit on a billboard (and still be read by a crazy woman hanging out of a speeding minivan with her camera).  wind in her hair, bugs in her teeth.  paint us a word picture of your very own billboard by clicking on comments below.  here's mine:

The Artwork:  a photo of a brilliant sunset streaming with rays of light covers the board.
 On the left side cartoon kid Alexander* holds up a clear glass bottle
filled with some kind of swirly, golden substance.
He is grinning from ear to ear.

The Text:  
Sunshine in a Bottle
for those Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days
taste it!  smell it!  wash your hair, dishes or dog with it!
just 25 cents in your grocer's produce isle

(*from the children's book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst, Illustrated by Ray Cruz - both of whom, in my fantasy billboard design world, have given their wholehearted endorsement of my miraculous new product.) 

can't wait to read your billboards.  and, since it's the weekend and all, feel free to write a response to any of this week's photo prompts if you didn't get a chance before.  i'll be so glad to read and publish for you.


  1. The message isn't going up ... not here ... not ever.
    Nothing is going to happen today. Yet, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING today. I stand waiting, just looking. The streams of brightness has extended their arms welcoming me. The flash had come first...Then the cataclysmic cacophony. Their discordant voices were far, far away. They will not come near. They are afraid.
    But I am not afraid. Everything is now very calm. No message is needed. A messenger isn't necessary. I am expecting His arrival. He is almost here. The Sunlight is almost upon me. Here it comes... Ohh, oooh... I can't see. Wait, I can see it all now ... It is finished.
    Journal Date: December 21, 2012

  2. Empty

  3. one day... one day ill be up there
    with all those beautiful people
    better than the stupid advertisements
    one day ill be the one that people envy
    ... but right now... i have to graduate from high school
    i have to get my braces off
    i have to grow a few feet so i have a chance to be a model
    i have to get cool and stop being a nerd
    ... i have to finish my Geography homework...