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Sunday, April 10, 2011


hello to anyone who's still out there
i'm still right here... just busier than i've ever been
preparing for a teacher certification exam this weekend
taking classes, working, being mom
i miss writing with you all very much
hope to be back soon
until then, keep writing!!


  1. Funny how weightlessness and fading oxygen can affect the brain. Lt. General D. M Baye had been presumed dead after the tragic explosion of the U.S.S. Fortitude over the moons of Jupiter last Wednesday. The entire planet mourned as small bright star emerged brief in our skies signaling the end of our world's greatest endeavor and our world's best and brightest.

    It was a shock to everyone when the broadcast, above and unedited, was picked up by amateur radio enthusiast Bill Sams from Orlando, Florida. Sams immediately emailed the recording to NASA and posted it to the web... where it was soon verified to be Lt. General Baye. It is a bitter sweet story, though, as the nearest rescue vessel is almost four days away and NASA is unsure of where Baye is broadcasting from or how any stable environment survived the stunning explosion.

    For those who do not know Baye's story, she was originally a school teacher at the turn of a previous century, mother of three and spouse to 2022 presidential candidate Scott Baye who lost his life in a freak ultimate frisbee accident in 2039. Baye, receiving the very first nanojuv bots in 2041, has gone on to live over 200 years and it may be that those bots are sustaining her. Stay tuned as we will remain live over the next four days with round the clock coverage...

  2. Best of luck with the exam! Even though I know you'll ace it. :)

  3. It's late Saturday night and I'm sitting around the bonfire in my back yard with a bunch of friends. I had received my Conformation on Wednesday and this was my party. Of coarse if you were to come into my yard and see us you never would have guessed the party was for me. I was sitting around the fire on the patio, and I was the youngest there by about 20 years. I was sitting quietly with a great smile on my face listening and looking into the blazing fire. On the lawn back away from the fire light, there were younger kids. Not including my 10 year old sister, they were around the ages 4-8 running around the yard occasionally coming down to roast a marshmallow or two.
    At around 10 i call Stephen Whittaker to get out the guitar. This is the part of the night I had been waiting for. We pass out the 40 or so sheets of music Stephen and my dad had printed out, and started looking through the songs. We started with easy songs like 'Let it Be" most of us there could sing, but three leading everything were Stephen his wife Jenny, and myself. Moving on to harder songs like "Scarborough Fair" with which I tried to sing the canticle but failed miserably.
    I sing with a smile on my face. It is during times like these that i feel most grateful to God for the life he gave me. I know sitting around a bonfire with a bunch of college professors singing folk songs isn't the ideal party for an average 12 year old girl, but I love it.
    We have finally started singing Irish songs. We start with 'Fields of Athenry' one of the most beautifully heartbreaking songs on this planet. I sang my heart out in those lyrics along with Stephen and Jenny. i felt all the sorrow and passion behind the words, and thought of the history behind the song. When we had finished, we all sat in silence for a few moments before i said
    "let's go kill some English people"
    "no," replied my father "English MEN. not women or children."
    "yup." joined in Stephen, "we cart off the women."
    we all laugh in agreement.
    we sing more heart breaking songs till around 11:40 when we return to the fire. where i sit until Declane starts getting into a 'penguin joke' and i am sent to bed. at 12:00 thinking, 'what a wonderful night!

  4. fiddle de de she
    crammed all the jammed all the slammed
    brain turning to spam

  5. Good luck with the exam, Demery! I know you'll do GREAT. Can't wait to see your victory post :)

  6. Gazing across the virtual horizon, I can'thelp but consider how frail life can seem at times. And how amazing and powerful. I know people who just this week have undergone brain surgery to remove a tumor, a diagnoses of back problems that will require surgery to cure excruciating pain, a doctor mishap that cost someone their life, and on and on. And then looking on, my children flourish, growing and learning and becoming adults in small steps, continuous steps. And my own body resists workouts, but in little ways I make progress every week as I hope will benefit me in years to come. And my wife, my beautiful wife, recovers some everyday from the loss of her mom... the kind of journey that never ends for any of us, but will improve in balance as each day emerges.

  7. I've been tied up with pain and discomfort for a while, with a torn meniscus complicated by Lyme disease, so I haven't been by much. Glad to see entries as recently as two days ago. Working my way to working my way.

  8. Come back to us! I tagged you in a post. So if you'd like an excuse to blog :)

  9. Miss your posts, Dem! Ditto what Bess said!!! ^_^

  10. Four birds flying in the sky,
    Four dear watching as they go by.
    Three fish swimming in a stream,
    Three snakes soaking in the Sun't bright beam.
    Two ponds shining in Sunshine.
    Two fawns resting underneath a pine.
    One girl kneeling on the ground,
    One tear falling on the fresh green mound.

  11. On bloodied elbows, she slowly, painfully raised her head until she could glare at them through her wet sweaty hair falling into her face. Her body groaned with pain as she struggled to rise... to stand. They watched her dispassionately, guns loosely at their sides. Such a mistake. She hid her grin with a rough swip across her face to clear the blood and grim.